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Get Top Dollar for Your Home in 3 Steps

Tuesday, December 22, 2015   /   by Marion Franke

Get Top Dollar for Your Home in 3 Steps

Get Top Dollar for Your Home in 3 Steps

You have always cared what people think of your home.  After all, it is the place where you have your most intimate moments and it reflects your personality.  When it comes time to open your home to prospective buyers, you will need to take it up a notch.

You Probably Need a Face Lift

Approach your home like a cosmetic surgeon of interior design.  You want it to look younger, newer and more attractive. 

Make your home more attractive by getting rid of any strong colors unless you want to cross people who don’t like the color off your list of prospects.  Sure, the vibrant violet color you chose is invigorating and you love it.  To attract the largest number of prospective buyers any painted walls need to be brought to a neutral color of beige.  You may find it boring.  Buyers can envision their own favorite color on a neutral “canvas” of your walls.

The kitchen and bathrooms will glisten like new with a little polish or hardware replacement.  It’s a cheap alternative to a renovation.  However, if appliances are outdated and dull, they are probably inefficient in energy use.  Buyers give a lot of weight to energy efficiency.

Mother-in-Law Alert

You know how you scramble to clear out the clutter with your going to have visitors.  Family members like mother-in-laws can be the most critical about how your home looks.  Pretend she will show up any minute when you place your home on the market.  A hyper state of cleanliness will pay off at the closing table.

Flooring is one place where a buyer gets an impression of the cleanliness of the entire house.  Regularly vacuum.  Polish the tile and hardwood.  Pick up the clutter collecting on countertops and tables.

Pay close attention to the closets.  If needed, pack the things you will not need in the next few months and rent a storage unit.  Not only will this action make your home look larger and cleaner, but it will also make the move easier.  Carefully packed and labeled boxes in storage are easy to place into your new home.  When you have a contract on your house, you normally will not take the same level of care in packing.

Photogenic Competition

You know how some average looking people look great in photos and attractive people seem to never take a good picture?  The same is true with houses.  Since almost every buyer decides whether to see your home based on the pictures, stage your home to fit the need.  Try moving furniture and décor in different spots of your house to see how they look in a photo.  Notice how homes look in the magazines and visualize your house having the same flawless look.

Reduce the stress of selling your home by doing a survey of cosmetic corrections needed to make it get top dollar.  The financial investment will certainly pay off in the long run.  Be ready for your ideal buyer.