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Reasons Why You Should Consider Purchasing A New Home

Wednesday, October 3, 2018   /   by Marion Franke

Reasons Why You Should Consider Purchasing A New Home

If you are trying to choose between purchasing a new property or an old one, there are many things to consider. Each kind of home has pluses and minuses. The better option for you depends on your preferences and past home ownership experience. New homes continue to be preferred by a majority of people. Below are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing a new home.

Value Retention

Typically, new homes will continue to be valued more than older ones, even if they contain comparable designs and enhancements. Buyers prefer new construction because of the benefits they offer. Higher demand results in higher values.

Fewer Repairs Required

All houses need maintenance, but with new homes there are typically not as many (because it is new). Also, with old homes, maintenance records may not be provided. This will make it hard to forecast when future work will be required.

Room to Make Alterations

New homes provide an abundance of customization options, but it will vary based on whether you are purchasing within a development or building an independent home on your own piece of land. In a custom home, you have full authority over the design. In a development, most builders allow you to upgrade a limited number of items. Those alterations produce a more unique home.

Current Code Compliance

Building codes in the past are very different from updated ones. People are not legally forced to update before selling. Home buyers must acknowledge that as part of buying an older home and understand they will eventually need to perform repairs, either for safety reasons or to better energy efficiency. With new homes, you do not need to think about this. The building must be built to current laws.

Other Reasons Why You Should Purchase New Homes

New homes are desirable for several reasons. Other than the option to make selections, new homes are designed with modern codes, will require less upkeep, and retain its value. They tend to be located in consistent neighborhoods. If you crave old world character or enjoy working on home repair projects, then new homes may not be the right choice. It really depends on your personal preferences and house maintenance abilities. For more details on new construction homes, contact The Franke Team by calling (936) 647-4400 or emailing Info@ConroeRealEstate.com.

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