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Useful Home Upgrades

Tuesday, November 6, 2018   /   by Marion Franke

Useful Home Upgrades

It's easy to pay most attention to the bigger items relating to house upgrades. Often times the most useful upgrades are the inexpensive changes. Whether you are purchasing a new house or fixing up an older one, consider the following helpful house upgrades.

Thinking Ahead

When planning a room, think about more than the initial use. For instance, if you plan to upgrade carpeting to hardwood flooring in the future, the height difference may impact the threshold between flooring types or against a staircase. Plan the house with that in mind to minimize future expenses. It is also wise to anticipate things such as sound systems, plumbing, central vacuum, and lighting.


Consider spots in a room where you may want to power appliances. Add outlets to those spaces. For instance, an extra fridge or freezer might be helpful in the garage. Maybe you want an outlet in a bathroom cabinet for plugging in toothbrushes or electric razors hidden from sight. Exterior GFI outlets are another good amenity that you can include ahead of time.

Size Does Matter

A little bit can make a big difference when it comes to size. Think about whether an increase in size of a certain item is useful. For instance, higher garage openings will fit trucks. A bigger kitchen sink can be useful when hosting gatherings. An upgraded deck may provide ample walking room around the seating and grill.

Advantage of Duplicates

In your home, duplicates are a wonderful feature. An alternate laundry room or kitchen sink is convenient. Duplicate cable outlets provide flexibility in the layout of a room. Additional closets can hide messes yet keep items easily accessible. These are merely a sampling of the wide range of possibilities that you might welcome having in your home.

Other Helpful House Upgrades

The best way to think of additional helpful house upgrades is to imagine a room and how you will use it now. Then imagine how that may change. What are the amenities that you need to fit each situation. Think about larger gatherings, new equipment, toys, etc. You can also check with your contractor for other ideas.


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