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Friday, March 22, 2019   /   by Danny Moss

55+ Adult Communities

An Overview Of Buying Properties In 55+ Communities
Buying properties in 55+ communities is similar to other types of properties, but there are a few differences. 55+ communities may offer unique features, amenities, and regulations. The following covers an overview of buying properties in 55+ communities.
55+ Communities and What They Are
55+ communities have certain age restrictions. The explicit rules are based on the exact complex. Some mandate that just one resident be at least age 55 while others mandate that every resident be at least age 62. Some allow children while others restrict them. It is important to become familiar with these and other restrictions before continuing with a purchase.
55+ Communities and Common Amenities
55+ communities are designed to provide maintenance-free living for its residents. Most come with specific conveniences. Tennis courts, golf courses, swimming pools, fitness centers, and game rooms are very typical. An association is often given resp. ...

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018   /   by Marion Franke

Reasons Why You Should Consider Purchasing A New Home

If you are trying to choose between purchasing a new property or an old one, there are many things to consider. Each kind of home has pluses and minuses. The better option for you depends on your preferences and past home ownership experience. New homes continue to be preferred by a majority of people. Below are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing a new home.
Value Retention
Typically, new homes will continue to be valued more than older ones, even if they contain comparable designs and enhancements. Buyers prefer new construction because of the benefits they offer. Higher demand results in higher values.
Fewer Repairs Required
All houses need maintenance, but with new homes there are typically not as many (because it is new). Also, with old homes, maintenance records may not be provided. This will make it hard to forecast when future work will be required.
Room to Make Alterations
New homes provide an abundance of customization options, but it will vary based on wh. ...

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