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Wednesday, September 23, 2015   /   by Marion Franke

How To Get The Most Equity From Your Home

How To Get The Most Equity From Your Home
Posted on September 23, 2015 by Danny Moss in Uncategorized
In some parts of the Conroe/Lake Conroe area, properties are flying off the market.  Last week we talked about some of those statistics.  This week we are sharing some strategies for getting the largest check from the title company at closing.  Things are not always what they seem, so pay attention.
It’s a Business Transaction
For most of us, taking a business attitude toward our homes is pretty unrealistic at first.  After all, this is the place where we share so many precious memories with our friends and family.  It is emotional and not at all a business transaction – right?
The truth is, when you make the decision to sell your home it becomes a product on the market and the transaction should be handled by the most capable, experienced and business-minded agent you can find.  Too many people “give” the listing to . ...

Wednesday, September 16, 2015   /   by Marion Franke

How to Trick Your Brain Into Saving a Down Payment

Why is it so difficult to stick with a long-term savings plan even when we truly consider our future goals to be just as important as — if not more than — our current desires? Chalk it up to our hardwiring: The rational side of the brain is often drowned out by the emotional side. Good news: It’s possible to outsmart those (very persuasive) instincts that encourage us to spend even when we know we should be saving.

Here’s how to save money for a down payment — or any other long-term savings goal — without letting those instincts get in the way.

Make it hard to spend
If your money is hard to get to, those impulse buys won’t be as easy to make. Put up some roadblocks by moving your savings from your checking account into a separate account that doesn’t have a debit card attached. Better yet, if you’ve got a separate emergency fund and you’re comfortable with not being able to access it immediately, move it into a . ...

Wednesday, September 9, 2015   /   by Marion Franke

Developers Offer Many Master Planned Communities

Developers Offer Many Master-Planned Community Options
With the proven popularity of The Woodlands, many other developers are offering their own versions of this type of community. The degree of planning varies just as much as each neighborhood has a different list of amenities. Clearly, home buyers seeking a place where the developer has carefully planned parks, pools, retail centers and business parks into the master-plan now have many options in Montgomery County.
Area Master-Planned Communities
The list below is organized from the largest to the smallest based on the developer’s acreage claims. All label their development as “master-planned”.
Woodforest (3,000 acres) http://www.woodforesttx.com/
Developers claim this is the fastest-growing master-planned community in Montgomery County. It is located directly north of The Woodlands off of FM 1488. There is a long list of popular amenities including a several parks, pools, splash parks, walking trails, a golf. ...

Thursday, August 6, 2015   /   by Marion Franke

Conroe Area Leads Montgomery County’s Growth this Year

Real estate sales surge in the Conroe area by more than 20.6% leading an overall growth of sales in all areas of Montgomery County with a 4.8% percent increase in closed transactions.  The overall dollar volume of real estate closings were 10.9% greater than the same period in 2014 comparing 2014 volume of $1,215,452,905 to this year’s $1,347,562,885.
According to data provided by the Houston Association of REALTORS Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the number of days on the market holds steady at 56 and 57 days.  The only area with longer market times was The Woodlands where the days on the market saw a 11.4% increase from 44 to 49 days.
Conroe Area (MLS 19 – Northeast)
Total dollar volume of closed transactions soared another 31% in this part of the county with $98,697,136 in 2014 and $129,307,786 this year during the first six months alone.  It took fewer days to rack up those transaction numbers too with days on the market going from 68 last year and les ...

Wednesday, August 5, 2015   /   by Marion Franke

5 Ways to NOT be an Empowered Home Buyer

Buyers can feel they are at a disadvantage in this type of market.  When a home is priced right and in good condition they tend to fly off the market in less than a week.  It’s real easy to get caught up in the hunt and make mistakes.  Mistakes can cost a great deal of money.  Take your power back with these ways to be prepared, but don’t rush into something you will regret later.
1.      Internet Research Does NOT Prepare You to Buy
Too many people feel empowered by all the information on the internet.  While it really does provide a great deal of information you need to make a good decision, people have rushed to purchase without having TRUE knowledge of the market and home-buying process.
2.     Home Buying is NOT a Time to Fall in Love
It’s really easy to fall in love with the “perfect” house.  It has the landscaping to die for, you can easily imagine morning coffee on the b. ...